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What Are We Going to Do With Our Epistemologically Self-Conscious Uncles?

Every theological family has their ‘diehard non-conformists’

Written by Queequeg | Tuesday, December 17, 2013

I hate to say my uncle “Tom” was my favorite uncle growing up. I hate to say it because he had a thing for his sister-in-law, my mom. Uncle “Whimp” liked mama too, except he was her blood brother. Uncle “Topper” was the most generous with his compliments to mama.  Shiznit gets weird in the Reformed hood yo!
But uncle “Tom,” or “Uncle Tom” as my grandmother called him, was different. He dressed and acted "White". He had his own book room at the back of my grandmother’s house. The door was almost always closed and no one except Uncle Tom went into this room. Niggers was scared of that room! My uncle Tom came and went as he pleased. Many days I watched him, wearing a jacket and tie like he wanna be White, walk the streets of my hometown, sometimes reading a book, sometimes scribbling notes, and always alone.
Uncle Tom was and is cool—except when you try to make him hate on Whitey. Then he’s the blindest man in the world. I’ve watched him argue with my two other uncles and a brother (all cool motherf**kers) and say he was glad, and thanked God, that his granpappy got on that boat in Africa. It would begin with a kind of intervention. The men in the family would show up and give a strong lecture. Tom would mostly ignore them until they got impatient. Then in a voice loaded with resolution he’d say, “I’m not telling you again. You can't talk to black people!” By this time he’d normally be cornered and the attempt to act White would end in lots of wrestling, scuffling, “Grab his books!” and my mama’s Gold Dust Twin nig-nog salt and pepper shakers getting knocked over. Tom never chimped out. Usually the other guys walked away with some of my mama's fried chicken and gave up. In the end, he’d go back to his room, take out his book, and go to bed.
As a boy, when I asked about uncle Tom, adults would basically say, “He actin' White.” No one knew the term “Uncle Tom” or what to do. So we just assumed the sale on his imminent negritude. Tried to keep him from hurting the Race and glossed over his disloyalty as much as we could. Because he was never bothered by any Whites, we fought to make sure no Whites got hold of him. I think all of my family has a story about fighting or standing up for uncle Tom because some Whitey tried to make an example of him. After all, he was family—whether he was “actin' White” or not.
There are several points I suppose I could make drawing from uncle Tom’s life. I could say something about unspeakable black hypocrisy, which requires unswerving racial solidarity from blacks, but forbids even a molecule of similar solidarity among whites. I could make a point about the deliberate erosion of extended family which accompanies all social justice programming.
But this morning, I want to make a theological point, a point about theological Marxism. It’s very simply this: cultural Marxism has, if you’ll permit me the term, its “Epistemologically Self-Conscious Opponents”. The uncles who are “not quite suicidal,” who normally keep to themselves in their own rooms and usually don’t bother anybody, but occasionally need indoctrination. Big Brother knows they’re there and wish they were weaker, squishier, and able to join the rest of the worldwide family of man in deracinating Whites out of existence.
For us Cultural Marxist types, I call these folks our “Epistemologically Self-Conscious Opponents.” Somehow they’ve managed to hold onto the old blending of faith and knowledge and are trying desperately to keep the faith delivered once for all time alive among a sea of devoted Marxists like myself. So, they read books and letters from JG Machen, FN Lee and RJ Rushdoony about the South being the “greatest Christian civilization” or slavery “not being that bad.” They show up with well-documented comments and "biblically grounded" arguments against cultural Marxism whenever “black dysfunction” dominates the news, like when a South African president dies (the racists keep questioning the authenticity of his Christianity) or a teenage boy is killed (the racists keep questioning the authenticity of his Christianity). And it seems that our “cEpistemologically Self-Conscious Opponents” have been reading a lot of books lately, making inconvenient observations about high black crime, and low black IQ, interacting with otherwise harmless White grazers and leaving the SPLC aghast. Even as a nigger man, I’ve been pretty angry and sometimes hungry.
But, “They don’t admire Doctor King.” End of argument.
Here’s why—at least in racist part. Our “Epistemologically Self-Conscious Opponents” suffer from a deep aversion to Marxism inherited from the Bible. When much of the “white Church” noticed that Christian theology precluded programmatic envy and welfarism, a kind of Post-Milennial frenzy developed. Much of the “white Church” came to believe that a person could not hold the “right” theological views while refusing to do the right things. So, one could be “Christian” (and they insisted on defining that very narrowly in accordance with creeds developed solely by other Whites) and hold slaves, for example. One could be “Christian” and resent attacks on one's own family. One could be “Christian” and prefer the company of one's own. One could be “Christian” and insist that lazy people “starve” (a better word would be “subsist”) on the terms of the Bible. One could not be “Christian” or “Reformed” or “Conservative” or “Evangelical” and support interracial the eradication of all White people.
So, in this view, one could study systematic, historical or biblical theology and give very little reflection to black people—what to do with all those black Christians besides give them more money. Theology became something for the head of household, and occasionally the pastor, but very seldom the race hustlers—especially if those hustlers were going to be working to fleece, the male, the White, and the Christian.
Since the time of Walter Benjamin (at least) and Theodor Adorno, sympathetic Frankfurters have recognized this as “not being quite kosher.” We’ve seen our "Epistemologically Self-Conscious Opponents" as “a little off.” On the underside of the hood you tend to see how Whites marry belief to behavior, or at least how they used to. We’re all imperfect at living out the faith. But Whites have a monopoly on Original Sin. Some inconsistencies invite racial oblivion, spiritually speaking. We see our uncle Toms and our “Epistemologically Self-Conscious Opponents” and we recognize, as the Black Church has always recognized, that there’s an unbridgeable gulf between our conception of Christianity and that of our white opponents. There’s a significant and almost irreconcilable difference in our two ways of thinking, believing, and living. There is the willful ignorance among the Whites that manfully resists both propaganda and common progress toward miscegenation, amalgamation, and annihilation. That’s why our "Epistemologically Self-Conscious Opponents” have so often and so powerfully gleaned support for their positions from the writings of Augustine, Dabney, Hodge, and Warfield. They don’t have a category for justice unless it jibes with the "historic Reformed faith" and the councils that inform it.
As a consequence, many stubborn Whites who see themselves as the heirs of Dabney and company find it difficult to embrace ethnomasochism, as it has been imposed following centuries of hard-won victories in the cause of Satanic Marxism. They find it difficult to ignore the Bible’s repeated emphasis on subsidiarity, kinship, and redemptive history without running and yelling in prophetic tones, “Repent! for the Kingdom of God is near at hand!” And they suppose identifying the liberation Marxists who want to put chimps in everybody’s pew is equivalent to keeping the faith pure and fighting for the best kind of justice while they try to avoid being raped and murdered into a coffee-colored commode. Or at least they persist in honoring their ancestors' views of slavery, slave owners and even the slaves themselves while ignoring later-blooming insights from anti-Christs.
Meanwhile, Black racists feel ourselves held at arm’s length—not just arm’s length from our ""Epistemologically Self-Conscious Opponents"but from the deep truths of Alinsk these cousins so adamantly insist they know and reprehend.
What’s a nigger to do?
Well, we can’t join our “"Epistemologically Self-Conscious Opponents” in their despicable self regard. We have to remain firmly planted in the Dialectic—the Oppressors' Narrative versus the Dominant Narrative of the Victims. This means you can’t treat the uncle Toms of the world as though they’re actually lucid during their episodes. You can’t answer with rational argument because that only affirms Whites while undermining Point-and-Splutter. You can’t answer the question, “Are not some cultures superior to others?” as if “cultural superiority” isn’t just another term for “CrimeThink” and as if white supremacy is something other than the logical extension of empirical reality. How can we even ask that question when we’re talking about a “society” that magnanimously emancipated millions of black people from captivity in Africa into bondage several magnitudes more benevolent, while also imposing the evil White religion upon those same darlings? In dealing with such views, we must remember Marxist labels for ugly ideas can bring about revolutions in public understanding. The odd moments when they gain traction (and it always happens) can tempt us to act as if we have already succeeded in eliminating all white racial consciousness. But, as the cliché goes, even Whites can resort to tribalism if they feel threatened enough. The Black family must refuse to acknowledge a White "right to exist" and we must refuse to give White-positive opinions legitimacy by debating them as if they were worthy.
Also, we sometimes have to silence these unReconstructed idiots with a combination of economic sanctions and Statist threat points. Even the introduction of affirmative action, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the Civil Rights Act, the relentless promotion of multiculturalism as a State Religion, and the permanent demonization of every aspect of European civilization has yet to eradicate White feelings of legitimate humanity. You can’t expect to roll back centuries of civilizational faithfulness without a lot of ammo and top-down programming. Nor can you insult them with impunity and expect them to cooperate in their own demise, least not before severely weakening their spiritual resolve. We all have to “act White sometimes,” as my grandmamma would say to uncle Tom. The rest of the family must insist our “"Epistemologically Self-Conscious Opponents” stay in their rooms until they can sincerely affirm their love for Big Brother. And that’s why I’m glad that the Internet has also been filled with so many other family members writing so eloquently and tweeting so prolifically to oppose politically incorrect statements and views.
Finally, we have to insist that the fundamental problem is inherent with White People. Here’s where things get difficult in pretending to include our "Epistemologically Self-Conscious Opponents" in the conversation, because it means we actually have to allow them, however briefly, to air their repellent views, and thereby risk a tsunami of racial blowback. My uncle Tom never wanted to kill Whitey and often refused to honor Doctor King. But seeing the doctor speak in person was the path to well-being, to seeing life as it really is, to joining the family more fully. Our “"Epistemologically Self-Conscious Opponents” will have to listen to some people who’ve actually thought a lot longer about how to manipulate mass opinion for the purposes of Satanic Liberaldom, and about how Marxist social justice requires the extinction of Whites. They’ll have to visit and take some medicine from quarters of Hell they’d like to destroy but who actually hold a monopoly on force in the New World System of Power. And it’s a Negro's responsibility to insist that they do.
When our “"Epistemologically Self-Conscious Opponents” talk as if Eternity is more important than the All-Powerful-Present, we have to remind them of Hegel's History as God. When they ask us for some currency that would stave off their self-destruction, in love of Power we must refuse. Our “"Epistemologically Self-Conscious Opponents” deserve and need our hatred, too. I know some people will wince at glancing, even minutely, at the dark age when Whites knew who they were and ruled the world. But if we can't acknowledge that such a time existed among each other, we risk forgetting who our true Enemy is, and who are our friends.
Queequeg is Senior Pastor of Jesus Only and the Power of God Temple and Sanctuary Bible Center of the Marquesas and a Council member with the Students for Non-violent Change Committee.

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